Stefani Pashman, CEO


7/17/2024 – CEO Note: Neighbors, allies and friends – let’s remember who we are
6/12/2024 – CEO Note: Vision for the Future: What’s Next for Downtown Revitalization?
5/15/2024 – CEO Note: From Tough Decisions to Value Propositions, Reinventing Downtown is No Small Task
4/16/2024 – CEO Note: Downtown Pittsburgh: If You (Re)Build It, They Will Come
3/12/2024 – CEO Note: A Bigger Piece of the Pie: Why Federal Investment is Key to Our Region’s Future
2/14/2024 – CEO Note: To Achieve Our Region’s Potential, First Picture the Outcome
1/17/2024 – CEO Note: 2024: A New Era for the Pittsburgh Region Begins
12/12/2023 – CEO NOTE: From Transactional to Transformational: The Road Ahead
11/14/2023 – CEO NOTE: To Move the Region’s Energy Agenda Forward, Look to Federal Funding
10/11/2023 – CEO NOTE: Transforming our Region’s Economy Needs Sustenance to Feed Success
09/12/2023 – CEO NOTE: Core Principles: Why Downtown Pittsburgh’s Success is Vital to Our Region
08/08/2023 – CEO NOTE: Reimagining Downtown Pittsburgh, One Data Point at a Time
07/18/2023 – CEO NOTE: Stepping Back to Look at the Journey and Discover the Bigger Picture
06/13/2023 – CEO NOTE: As We Chart Our New Route, Our North Star Remains Constant
05/09/2023 – CEO NOTE: Restoring the Glow of the Golden Triangle: A Road Map for Downtown is Coming
04/11/2023 – CEO NOTE: Sometimes, Attracting and Retaining Talent Means Paving the Road Less Traveled
03/14/2023 – CEO NOTE: In its Earliest Months, Build Back Better Already Yielding Results, Setting the Stage for What’s Next|
02/14/2023 – CEO NOTE: Leading Through Change
01/18/2023 – CEO NOTE: As 2023 Begins, Pittsburgh’s Next Chapter Begins
12/13/2022 – CEO NOTE: Pittsburgh Wrapped: Picks for the Region’s Greatest Hits of 2022