CEO Note: October 2023

CEO Note


Stefani Pashman, CEO

As civic leaders and stakeholders actively engaging in driving the future of southwestern Pennsylvania, we are part of an iconic region with assets to lead in a 21st century economy. From a unique built environment to natural and intellectual assets to effective public-private partnerships and augmented strategic investments – our region is rich in both tangible and intangible qualities to anchor success.

Despite these advantages, our economic performance continues to lag behind benchmark regions, as well as the national average, for both job and employment growth. During the next decade, Pittsburgh’s growth is predicted to be significantly less than the U.S. average. Our region’s demographic challenges are significant contributing factors to these economic headwinds. The challenges we face are real.

At the same time, as Pittsburghers, we know what it takes to remake history.

With a spirit of collaboration that has been honed across two generations of public-private partnership, we know we can turn the tide because we’ve done it before. From the first Pittsburgh Renaissance of the 1940s to our transformation into global leadership in technology and health sciences, we’ve always found new ways to come together to meet the moment.

It’s time once again to partner to create bold and ambitious solutions to counter the predictions.

This will not be easy. It will require shifts in our strategy and our mindset. We will need to think transformationally, not transactionally, and make wholesale, not retail, our focus. To steer the region toward a path of prosperity, systemic reforms and long-term investments must be our priorities. Taking the long view challenges our patience and our desire for immediate wins.

At our regional convenings in August, we heard your ideas about a reformed economic development system, better business conditions, population growth and an inclusive wealth-building economy. We agree and look forward to working together to shape the plan that will lead us on this path.

At our October 24 Regional Investors Council meeting, we’ll continue the conversation about the sustenance that will feed success. Your voice is a key part of this conversation, both in terms of identifying broad-based strategies and calling for their implementation.

I look forward to hearing what you bring to the table. If you have not already registered to attend, please do so here.