Our Agenda

Our region will be re-made in the next generation.

We can have it happen to us or we can take the lead. Our diverse economy is strong but a wave of demographic change is coming that will challenge that strength.

We have the opportunity to have the youngest, best skilled population in the country, if we are proactive and become a magnet for talent.

By building connectivity among our workforce, our economy & community and our infrastructure in innovative ways, we will shape our future together.

The Pittsburgh region has come a long way. From double-digit unemployment 30 years ago, there are now more people employed here than ever before – and our available labor force is at an all-time high. And as a region, we are getting younger and better educated. National and global recognition of the region's successes and competitive advantages continues to pour in.

Our region is in as strong of an economic position today as we've been in a long time. At the same time, we must be mindful of today's challenges, particularly related to our population and demographics.

The Allegheny Conference has developed a strategic approach that will guide our activities over the 2015-2017 period to position our region for success in the future. Fundamentally, we must do a better job of connecting people to opportunity and to one another across the region.

Three strategies, focused on Economy & Community, Infrastructure and Workforce are being aligned to work together to make the Pittsburgh region the location of choice for individuals seeking opportunity.

Economy & Community – The Economy & Community strategy focuses on maximizing business investment opportunities in sectors where the Pittsburgh region offers a significant comparative advantage to employers and does so in alignment with community-oriented work to strengthen communities throughout the region, especially those that have been left behind despite the region's economic transformation.

Infrastructure – The Infrastructure strategy focuses on improving systems and structures that enhance the region's economy and sustain its population. To attract and retain talented individuals and employers to our region, we must provide a world-class transportation and infrastructure network, including transit, to better connect the region locally, nationally and globally. Three initiatives will set our path for the future, make air service better and support investments that will make a difference to our quality of life.

Workforce – The Workforce strategy is about connecting people to skills, connecting job seekers to employers, and connecting skilled workers from inside and outside our region to opportunity here. The Conference seeks to meet the workforce needs of the region with two initiatives: one targeting demand and the other supply.

Each of these three strategies would be ambitious by itself. To make progress across all three through 2017 will require an unprecedented degree of collaboration.

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Our 2015-2017 Agenda Setting Planning Process

  • More than 1,000 total participants
  • 51 group discussion sessions throughout the region
  • 90 percent of the organizations that belong to the Regional Investors Council participated

What We Learned

We asked participants in every session to tell us what would make our region the "best place" to be. We also asked them where the Allegheny Conference could make the biggest difference.

  • The region's world-class leadership in energy and manufacturing and in information technology and corporate service were identified as real competitive strengths that we must continue to leverage.
  • Participants told us to continue to build on the success of our programs to strengthen communities and to continue our work to ongoing work to improve the economy and the environment.

What did participants identify as top concerns?

  • Workforce and demographics stood out as the top issue of concern.
  • Transportation and connectivity was a close second – defined broadly – roads and bridges, public transit, bike trails and even broadband.

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