10 year vision banner

As we stand poised on the threshold of a new decade, the Allegheny Conference is proud to present an inspiring, comprehensive and audacious plan for the future of the Pittsburgh region. The regional vision is a shared vision for regional vitality drawn from an unprecedented level of contributions from every corner
of the Pittsburgh region’s 10 counties.

The Inclusive

Throughout 2019, we reached out to more than 1,000 stakeholders from across the Pittsburgh region to reach consensus on what our future looks like. We called this year-long endeavor Our Next 75. It was our most ambitious and comprehensive effort to date for collecting and analyzing information, and it defines the plan for the next era of growth of our community, our assets and our economy.

An ability to stay the course to solve tough problems is our greatest strength. As we push together toward a common goal of building a vital, globally competitive region, we invite you to share in the creation of what’s next by lending your talent, your voice, your support and your commitment to achieve this vision.

Next is now.