"Energizing Our Economy," one of three strategies designed to encourage sustainable prosperity for everyone in the region focuses on improving the region's tax and regulatory climate and building on the region's portfolio of energy assets.

The Allegheny Conference advances the mission of the Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh (EAGP), a 100-plus member public-private collaborative working to increase energy-related investment and job creation in the Pittsburgh region. The EAGP is raising awareness of the region as the new Center of American energy through an ongoing public awareness campaign, "Energy to the Power of Pittsburgh."

As the region leverages its diverse strengths in energy, it is important to continue to build on two generations of progress in improving the environment. The Conference monitors and engages as needed on water and air quality regulations and advance best practices to improve the economy and the environment at the same time. In addition, the Conference is advancing elements of the "Power of 32" regional visioning initiative by convening the Greater Pittsburgh Regional Advocacy Team.

The Conference seeks to improve the competitiveness of the region's economic climate through the CompetePA coalition, which focuses on tax competitiveness and lawsuit abuse reform. Additionally, a funding strategy for industrial site development is under development and a regional working group will be launched to identify issues and explore solutions related to freight movement on our rail and waterways.

Learn more about the Allegheny Conference's broader agenda and two other strategies, "Enhancing Opportunity" and "Strengthen Communities."

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