From Acknowledgement to Action

We have reached an inflection point for the future of work in our region and the future of the Pittsburgh region itself.  Our regional workforce will need to grow and upskill in order to be globally competitive.  Inflection Point changed the conversation in the region and is a galvanizing point for how educational institutions and businesses are planning for the future.

Many business and education leaders have already responded to the research and are turning this challenge into an opportunity – aligning training and programming to meet high-demand workforce needs.

What You Can Do Now:

  1. Download and read our Inflection Point report.
  2. Learn more about activity already underway in our education community (examples below)
  3. Learn more about the Allegheny Conference’s Regional Investors Council.
carlow university logo
Carlow University is marketing degrees to students that support high-demand jobs in the region, including healthcare and computer and mathematics.
chatham university logo
Chatham University incorporated data and research from the Inflection Point report into strategic planning to align programming to more closely align with regional workforce demand.
consortium for public education logo
The Consortium for Public Education is working with the Allegheny Conference to provide input on the creation of a Digital Career Hub though various focus groups attended by superintendents and curriculum supervisors.
Freeport School District logo
Freeport School District started a cybersecurity program for juniors and seniors, in conjunction with the FBI. Leveraged the report to rework parts of the curriculum and integrated more concrete career pathways for high school students, including senior internship opportunities.
pittsburgh techincal college logo
Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC), prior to the official release of the report, acquired data from the Conference to validate the addition of two bachelor’s programs to support high-demand occupations in Business Administration and Information Systems and Technology.
robert morris university logo
Robert Morris University is partnering with the Energy Innovation Center to support western Pennsylvania’s growing energy and advanced manufacturing sectors. Will soon offer three undergraduate and graduate certificate programs through the School of Engineering.
Seton Hill logo
Seton Hill is tailoring programs to match jobs in high-demand areas such as banking, healthcare and information technology. Plans to add a major in cybersecurity for undergraduates by spring and a master’s in nutrition and dietetics.

What others are saying about the impact Inflection Point

has had on their organizations.