Our Team

The Allegheny Conference staff works from the direction of board leadership on the day-to-day activities that move the Conference’s agenda forward.

If you are a smart, civic-minded individual who is invested in a bright future for the Pittsburgh region, why not join our team.

Senior Management Team


  • Cecelia Cagni
    Senior Vice President, Marketing/Communications
    412.392.4555 x3110
  • Catherine M. DeLoughry
    Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
    412.281.4783 x3131
  • Laura S. Fisher
    Senior Vice President, Workforce & Special Projects
    412.392.4555 x3130

  • Bill Flanagan
    Chief Corporate Relations Officer
    412.281.4783 x3123
  • Brian Jensen
    Executive Director, PELGP, and Senior Vice President, Civic Policy
    412.281.4783 x3134
  • Deborah Lukus, SPHR
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources
    412.281.4783 x2029

  • David Ruppersberger
    President, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance
    412.392.4555 x3109
  • Janel M. Skelley
    Chief Financial Officer
    412.281.4783 x3113
  • Matt Smith
    President, Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
    412.281.4783 x2032

  • Jan Tagliaferi
    Administrative Manager
    412.281.4783 x1031
  • Dennis Yablonsky
    Chief Executive Officer
    412.281.4783 x3125
  • Ken Zapinski
    Senior Vice President, Energy & Infrastructure
    412.281.4783 x3136




  • Karen Adkins
    412.281.4783 x3111
  • Jennifer Baldwin
    HR/Payroll Analyst
    412.281.4783 x3144
  • Jennifer Beer
    Senior Director, Government Affairs
    412.281.4783 x3114
  • Will Bernstein
    Senior Policy Analyst
    412.281.4783 x3122
  • Eric Bitar
    Senior Director, Business Investment
    412.392.4555 x4510
  • Lauren Carpenter
    Director, Investor Development
  • Eric Chaikowsky
    Art Director
    412.392.4555 x4542
  • Carole Colalella
    Assistant Controller
    412.392.4555 x1034
  • Philip Cynar
    Senior Communications Specialist
    412.392.4555 x4573
  • Mickey Denner
    Marketing Associate
    412.392.4555 x3103
  • Joshua R. Devine
    Marketing Associate
    412.392.4555 x4525
  • Carly Dobbins-Bucklad
    Senior Policy Analyst
    412.281.4783 x3117
  • Leslie Freeman
    Financial Analyst
    412.392.4555 x3119
  • James Futrell, CCR
    VP, Market Research & Analysis
    412.392.4555 x1023
  • Sara Gaal
    Director, Investor Relations
    412.281.4783 x4572
  • Ellen Gaus
    Market Research Analyst
    412.281.4783 x1020
  • Katelyn Haas
    Policy Analyst
    412.392.4555 x1069
  • Debra Harshaw
    Coordinator, Workforce
    412.392.4555 x4539
  • Michael Henderson
    Senior Director, Business Investment
    412.392.4555 x4536
  • Patty Horvatich
    Vice President, Business Investment
    412.392.4555 x4543
  • Diane Hughley
    Government Affairs Coordinator
    412.281.4783 x4516
  • Jael E. Jones
    Director, Market Research
    412.392.4555 x1025
  • Kelly Dunbar Jones
    Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
    412.392.4555 x4531
  • Benjamin Kamber
    Communications Specialist
    412.281.4783 x4535
  • Kathleen Keating
    Policy Analyst
    412.281.4783 x1086
  • Miranda Knee
    Web Developer
    412.281.4783 x1082
  • Johna K. Lingelbach, MCSE, MCP, A+
    Senior Director, Information Technology
    412.281.4783 x2028
  • Kevin McKenzie
    Workforce Project Analyst
    412.281.4783 x3115
  • Brandon Mendoza
    Government Affairs Manager
    412.281.4783 x4552
  • Matt Minczeski
    Marketing Director
    412.392.4555 x4511
  • Suzi Pegg
    VP, Global Business Development
    412.392.4555 x4544
  • Bonnie Pfister
    Communications & Social Media Specialist
    412.281.4783 x2268
  • Nova Rubio
    Administrative Coordinator
    412.281.4783 x3101
  • Linda Topoleski
    VP, Workforce Operations & Programs
    412.392.4555 x3116
  • Keith Trageser
    Senior Director, Website & Social Media Development
    412.281.4783 x4507
  • Alison Treaster
    Director of Workforce Business Engagement
    412.281.4783 x1035
  • Erin Walsh
    Senior Director, Investor Development
    412.281.4783 x4537
  • Susan Weil
    Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
    412.281.4783 x4501


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