"Strengthening Communities," one of three strategies designed to encourage sustainable prosperity for everyone in the region, brings together partners to take a fresh look at places in the region that have languished, to identify and champion improvements to state laws and policies, and to work across boundaries to strengthen local government and re-establish economic vitality in our communities.

The Allegheny Conference is focusing on those state laws that have substantial impact on local governments' costs and supporting binding arbitration and public pension reform. The Conference continues its efforts to bolster the effectiveness of Act 47 and staffed the Sewer Regionalization Study Review Panel at the request of ALCOSAN to facilitate a broadly supported regionalization approach, including an emphasis on source reduction and green infrastructure to better manage and reduce the cost of needed infrastructure improvements.

In March, 2013, the study review panel released its conclusions which called for a more regional approach to stormwater and wastewater managment in Allegheny County. You can view an executive summary of the report here and the full report here.

Strengthening Communities Partnership (SCP)In June 2013, the Allegheny Conference created the Strengthening Communities Partnership (SCP). The goal of the SCP is to make long-term, positive impacts in participating communities by concentrating private investment through tax credits purchased by businesses in the PA Department of Community and Economic Development Neighborhood Partnership Program. These investments are complemented with targeted, pro bono professional services that will make redevelopment projects happen in the neighborhoods.

The Pittsburgh Impact Initiative, which targets the small group of regional companies that are creating a disproportionate percentage of new jobs, continues. A special emphasis is being placed on supporting minority and women-owned businesses as well as connecting smaller, entrepreneurial companies with the established corporate community.

A critical focus remains the support of sustainable reforms to ensure the survival of Port Authority Transit and development of the Oakland-Downtown Bus Rapid Transit system. Use this link for more information on our related transportation and infrastructure efforts.

The Allegheny Conference is also working to promote housing policies that support economic vitality and is planning a leadership-benchmarking visit in the near future.

Learn more about the Allegheny Conference's broader agenda and two other strategies, "Enhancing Opportunity" and "Energizing Tomorrow's Economy".

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