UPDATE: August 10, 2020 3PM


COVID-19 Cases by Geography to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 8/10/2020
County Total Cases 1 Confirmed Cases Probable Cases Negative Tests 2 Deaths New cases since 8/9 New deaths since 8/9
Pennsylvania 119,453 116,098 3,355 1,240,830 7,317 +601 +3
10-County Region 14,884 14,367 517 228,050 448 +144 +1
Allegheny 8,932 8,695 237 122,615 247 +75
Armstrong 216 215 1 4,275 7 +4
Beaver 1,326 1,289 37 13,391 92 +10
Butler 671 612 59 14,202 15 +10
Fayette 501 482 19 9,801 5 +11
Greene 116 106 10 3,035 1
Indiana 322 302 20 6,123 6 +2
Lawrence 392 338 54 5,501 16 +1
Washington 855 818 37 16,985 13 +15 +1
Westmoreland 1,553 1,510 43 32,122 46 +16


1 Total case counts include confirmed and probable cases.
2 Negative case data only includes negative PCR tests. Negative case data does not include negative antibody tests.
Case data from PA-NEDSS.  Death data is a combination of PA-NEDSS and EDRS


COVID-19 Tests to Date and Cases per 100K
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 8/10/2020
County Total Tested per 100K 1 Change from 8/3 Cases per 100K 2 Change from 8/3
Pennsylvania 10,635 8.3% 87.47 -9.9%
10-County Region 9,526 9.1% 103.29 -17.1%
Allegheny 10,734 8.7% 118.97 -22.2%
Armstrong 6,771 10.0% 75.38 -27.5%
Beaver 8,818 13.2% 119.24 -26.0%
Butler 7,972 10.0% 58.42 -12.1%
Fayette 7,787 10.2% 141.36 31.7%
Greene 8,483 5.8% 45.77 -22.7%
Indiana 7,516 9.5% 115.45 4.2%
Lawrence 6,744 10.4% 115.58 -11.4%
Washington 8,596 10.5% 83.84 -5.4%
Westmoreland 9,493 7.9% 67.65 -15.2%


1 Tested per 100,000 residents represents the cumulative sum of tests within the specified geography

2 Cases per 100K represents the 14 day sum of new cases per 100,000 residents’


REGIONAL: COVID-19 Cases Associated with
Nursing Homes and Personal Care Homes to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 8/10/2020
County Facilities with Cases Cases Among Residents Cases Among Employees
10-County Region 176 1,856 558
Allegheny 88 1,002 343
Armstrong 7 38 9
Beaver 7 481 70
Butler 15 25 17
Fayette 6 9 11
Greene 2 2 2
Indiana 11 29 10
Lawrence 8 46 38
Washington 10 34 8
Westmoreland 22 190 50


State Coronavirus Updates

  • Pennsylvania Shares Update on COVID-19 Dashboard, Mitigation Efforts in Long-Term Care Facilities: Governor Tom Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine released a weekly status update detailing the state’s mitigation efforts based on the COVID-19 Early Warning Monitoring System Dashboard, comparing the seven-day period of July 31 – August 6 to the previous seven days, July 24 – July 30, along with an update on mitigation efforts in all long-term care facilities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020080780.HTM
  • Human Services, Agriculture Secretaries Remind Pennsylvanians of Food Assistance Resources, Encourage Support of Charitable Food Networks: “Difficult circumstances created by the pandemic have not subsided, and many families around Pennsylvania still must endure challenges that come from COVID-19’s effect on food security,” said Secretary Miller. “Schools often provide at least one or two nutritious meals each day for students, but as summer continues and schools remain closed, students still need to eat breakfast and lunch. That’s where programs like Power Packs Project come in, bridging the gap when school breakfasts and lunches are not available. We know that going without meals can jeopardize children’s health and development, and the Wolf Administration is committed to doing everything it can to support families and connect them with the resources they need to get through this trying time. We are incredibly grateful to programs like Power Packs Project for their commitment to the communities they serve.” Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020080784.HTM
  • Gov. Wolf Announces $96 Million for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19: Governor Tom Wolf announced that $96 million in state grants have been awarded to 4,933 Pennsylvania small businesses that were impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis and subsequent business closure order. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020081091.HTM
  • Wolf Administration Provides Additional Recommendations to Help Schools Safely Navigate COVID-19: The Pennsylvania departments of Health (DOH) and Education (PDE) provided school administrators and governing bodies with recommendations as to which instructional models they should consider implementing based on the changing levels of community transmission of COVID-19 in their counties.Opens In A New Window These recommendations are intended to help schools safely provide instruction to students as they progress through the 2020-21 academic year. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020081076.HTM
  • Department of Health: Take Proper Steps to Protect Yourself and Baby While Breastfeeding during COVID-19: “Breastmilk contains antibodies that fight infection and boost the baby’s immune system. If a mother or baby become sick, the best thing the mother can do is continue breastfeeding to provide her baby with human antibodies. Human milk is the safest food in an emergency, as it contains the proper vitamins and minerals for healthy growth in infants.” Breastfeeding mothers who have tested positive for COVID-19 and choose to breastfeed and/or express breast milk should:
    • Wear a cloth face covering while feeding and during expression of milk;
    • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before each feeding, before touching any pump or bottle parts, and before expressing breast milk;
    • Use a dedicated breast pump (not shared);
    • Follow recommendations for proper pump cleaning after each use; and
    • If possible, expressed breast milk should be fed to the infant by a healthy caregiver who does not have COVID-19, is not at high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19, and is living in the same home.

Read more: https://www.media.pa.gov/pages/Health-details.aspx?newsid=950


Regional Coronavirus Updates


Federal Coronavirus Updates

  • Department of Health and Human Services
    • HHS Announces Allocations of CARES Act Provider Relief Fund for Nursing Homes: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), is announcing the details of the next CARES Act-authorized nursing home Provider Relief Fund (PRF) distribution. Consistent with the Administration’s announcement in late July, the PRF distribution will total approximately $5 billion, and will be used to protect residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities from the impact of COVID-19. Read more: https://www.hhs.gov/about/news/2020/08/07/hhs-announces-allocations-of-cares-act-provider-relief-fund-for-nursing-homes.html


National Coronavirus Updates