March 21, 2020 4pm supplemental update

Local Update

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Dr.Debra Bogen, Director Allegheny County Health Department Press Conference – 3:30pm 3/21/20

  • Allegheny County – individual who passed away was in late 60’s
  • 80% will be able to be treated at home; 15% hospital care; 5% acute medical care
  • Email address for donations; do not send materials yet, but those who have donations should send note to this address – – Particular focus on personal protective equipment (PPE), but will evaluate other potential donations via this email address
  • Debra Bogen,
    • CDC launched self-check – how to care for yourself at home – information on the ACHD webpage
    • Rumor control page will be launched on Monday at ACHD webpage
  • Chief of Emergency Services, Matt Brown
    • Critical that all residents follow the guidance of the ACHD – that is the way residents can best assist emergency responders;
    • Chief indicated that calls on 911 system are similar to an average day at this point;
  • ACHD – 4 hospitalized at the moment in Allegheny County;