DAILY UPDATE: June 5, 2020 1 PM

STATE: Pennsylvania COVID-19 Statistics
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/5/2020

Total Cases 1 Negative Tests 2 Total Deaths Recovered 3
74,385 424,201 5,886 70%


1 Total case counts include confirmed and probable cases.
2 Negative case data only includes negative PCR tests. Negative case data does not include negative antibody tests.
3 Individuals who have recovered is determined using a calculation, similar to what is being done by several other states. If a case has not been reported as a death, and it is more than 30 days past the date of their first positive test (or onset of symptoms) then an individual is considered recovered.


STATE: Pennsylvania COVID-19 Statistics
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/5/2020

Total Cases 74,385
Confirmed Case 72,292
Probable cases by Definition and High-Risk Exposure 2,093

STATE: Cases by Age Range to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health

Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/5/2020

Age Range Cases
0-4 <1%
5-12 <1%
13-18 2%
19-24 6%
25-49 37%
50-64 25%
65+ 28%


STATE: Hospitalization Rates by Age Range to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/5/2020

Age Range Cases
​0-4 ​< 1%
5-12 ​< 1%
13-18 ​< 1%
19-24 1%
25-49 15%
50-64 26%
65+ 57%


REGIONAL: COVID-19 cases by county to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/5/2020

County Positive Cases Negative Tests Deaths* New cases since 6/4 New deaths since 6/4
10-County Region 3,766 66,566 320 +10 +2
Allegheny 1,973 33,692 168 +8 +2
Armstrong 64 1,394 5
Beaver 598 4,095 74 NA
Butler 239 4,028 12 NA
Fayette 95 3,594 4
Greene 27 855
Indiana 91 1,528 5
Lawrence 82 1,536 8
Washington 141 4,889 6 +1
Westmoreland 456 10,955 38 +1

* This information has been extracted from death records registered with the Department’s Vital Records Program as of 11:59 pm on June 4, 2020.


State Coronavirus Updates

  • 6.4.2020 Updates from Governor Wolf
    • The focus was on creating and implementing citizens’ police advisory boards in all state municipalities and creating other policing initiatives, including creating a Deputy Inspector General on these matters.
  • Reopening Phase Orders Updated to Include 10 Additional Counties Moving to Yellow and 16 to Green on June 5: With these orders, there are no counties in the red phase. In total, on June 5, there will be 34 counties in the green phase and 33 in the yellow phase. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020060466.HTM
  • Wolf Administration: Long-Term and Congregate Care Restrictions Will Remain in Place to Protect Vulnerable Populations as Pennsylvania Reopens: The Pennsylvania departments of Health and Human Services issued guidance for nursing homespersonal care homes, and other long-term and congregate care facilities as counties enter the green phase of the Governor’s Process to Reopen Pennsylvania. To further prevent outbreaks within these vulnerable populations, ongoing restrictions in long-term and congregate care facilities will remain in place at least 28 days after the respective facility’s county enters the green phase. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020060594.HTM


Regional Coronavirus Updates

  • Allegheny County Department of Health
    • Of the 1,973 cases in Allegheny County, 1,845 are confirmed and 128 are probable cases. Additionally, there are 349 past or present hospitalizations (+2). Of 168 deaths to date, 156 are confirmed and 12 are probable. All deaths are of individuals ranging in age from 42-103, with 84 being the median age of those who have died.


Federal Coronavirus Updates

  • Labor Department
    • The job market unexpectedly reversed its free fall in May as employers brought back millions of workers after pandemic-induced layoffs and the unemployment rate declined. Tens of millions remain out of work, and the unemployment rate, which fell to 13.3 percent from 14.7 percent in April, remains higher than in any previous postwar recession. But employers added 2.5 million jobs in May, the Labor Department said Friday, defying economists’ expectations of further losses and offering hope that the rebound from the pandemic-induced economic crisis could be faster than forecast. Still, job openings remain far below normal, and the trillions of dollars in government assistance that have helped keep the economy on life support may be nearing their end. The report noted that “employment rose sharply in leisure and hospitality, construction, education and health services, and retail trade,” even as jobs in the government continued their decline. “What this is telling us is that at least part of the pain in April was due to people being laid off or furloughed who still had very strong connections to their employers,” Ernie Tedeschi, an economist at Evercore ISI in Washington, said. “As good and surprising as this report was, this may just be the low-hanging fruit. These may have been the easiest workers to bring back.”
  • U.S. Senate
    • Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) voiced concern Friday June 5 that a better-than-expected jobs report would make it more difficult to court Republican support for additional coronavirus-related relief measures, including aid to states and localities. “If we don’t do more, we could slide right back, right back, and it could be even worse,” Schumer said during an appearance on MSNBC. “I hope, I pray that Trump and the Republicans don’t take this as a sign to be complacent. There are many more cliffs and problems coming up in the economy that we are aiming to fix, and so far they are sitting on their hands. I hope it doesn’t, but this may make it worse in terms of the ability to have them get something done.” Schumer spoke after a Labor Department report found the federal unemployment rate declined to 13.3 percent in May from 14.7 percent in April, a sign that the economy is improving more quickly than economists had projected. The economy picked up 2.5 million jobs in May, as many states and counties began to reopen with the slowing of cases nationwide of the novel coronavirus. Republicans have urged caution in passing additional legislation until the impact of previous efforts becomes more clear.


National Coronavirus Updates

  • According to CNN, as of 1:00pm on Friday, June 5, 2020, there are 108,496 coronavirus-related deaths and 1,880,703 total positive cases in the United States.