DAILY UPDATE: June 4, 2020 1 PM

STATE: Pennsylvania COVID-19 Statistics
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/4/2020

Total Cases 1 Negative Tests 2 Total Deaths Recovered 3
73,942 416,942 5,817 69%


1 Total case counts include confirmed and probable cases.
2 Negative case data only includes negative PCR tests. Negative case data does not include negative antibody tests.
3 Individuals who have recovered is determined using a calculation, similar to what is being done by several other states. If a case has not been reported as a death, and it is more than 30 days past the date of their first positive test (or onset of symptoms) then an individual is considered recovered.


STATE: Pennsylvania COVID-19 Statistics
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/4/2020

Total Cases 73,942
Confirmed Case 71,881
Probable cases by Definition and High-Risk Exposure 2,061

STATE: Cases by Age Range to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health

Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/4/2020

Age Range Cases
0-4 <1%
5-12 <1%
13-18 2%
19-24 6%
25-49 37%
50-64 25%
65+ 28%


STATE: Hospitalization Rates by Age Range to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/4/2020

Age Range Cases
​0-4 ​< 1%
5-12 ​< 1%
13-18 ​< 1%
19-24 1%
25-49 15%
50-64 26%
65+ 57%


REGIONAL: COVID-19 cases by county to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 6/4/2020

County Positive Cases Negative Tests Deaths* New cases since 6/3 New deaths since 6/3
10-County Region 3,758 65,611 318 +24
Allegheny 1,965 33,230 166 +13
Armstrong 64 1,382 5
Beaver 599 4,071 74 +5
Butler 240 4,008 12 +5
Fayette 95 3,555 4
Greene 27 844
Indiana 91 1,509 5
Lawrence 82 1,514 8 NA
Washington 140 4,856 6
Westmoreland 455 10,642 38 +2


* This information has been extracted from death records registered with the Department’s Vital Records Program as of 11:59 pm on June 3, 2020.


State Coronavirus Updates

  • 3.2020 Updates from Secretary Dr. Levine
    • As of 12 am Wednesday June 3, there are 511 new positive cases; 73,405 positive cases now statewide in all 67 counties
    • 5,742 deaths are adults who tested positive
    • 68% of those with COVID-19 have recovered statewide
  • Wolf Renews COVID-19 Disaster Declaration for State Response and Recovery, Stay-at-Home Order Ends June 4: Governor Tom Wolf renewed the 90-day disaster declaration he originally signed on March 6 following the announcement of the first two presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 in the commonwealth. The declaration was set to expire on June 4. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020060371.HTM
  • Wolf: Department of Health Reaches COVID-19 Testing Goal in May, Continues to Increase Testing in Several Regions: Governor Tom Wolf announced that the Department of Health reached its testing goals in May with more than 283,000 COVID-19 diagnostic test results reported to the department. The department achieved its 2 percent testing goal for the month by more than 11 percent. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020060373.HTM
  • Department of Health Updates Dental Guidance for Treating Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic: The Pennsylvania Department of Health released an update to the dental health care guidance as part of the commonwealth’s phased COVID-19 reopening plan. This guidance allows dental health care providers the ability to safely provide oral healthcare, including routine cleanings. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020060377.HTM
  • Wolf: $50 Million in Grants Available to Support Fire and EMS Companies Negatively Affected by COVID-19: Governor Tom Wolf announced that the Office of State Fire Commissioner will be working to enact recent legislation to provide $50 million in direct financial relief to fire and emergency medical service (EMS) companies negatively impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020060497.HTM
  • COVID-19 contact tracing group forms in Southwestern Pennsylvania: The state Health Department has partnered with a Pittsburgh foundation to assemble the first COVID-19 contact tracing consortium. Read more: https://observer-reporter.com/news/ongoing_coverage/covid-19-contact-tracing-group-forms-in-southwestern-pennsylvania/article_875a662c-a5c7-11ea-86f1-afdf79f6af5c.html


Regional Coronavirus Updates

  • Allegheny County Department of Health
    • Of the 1,965 cases in Allegheny County, 1,841 are confirmed and 124 are probable cases. Additionally, there are 347 past or present hospitalizations (+2). All deaths are of individuals ranging in age from 42-103, with 84 being the median age of those who have died.
  • Allegheny County
    • (One day) before Allegheny County moves into the green phase of reopening and in a week where protests and a primary election has put more people closer together than in a while, officials said physical distancing, masks and other measures are going to continue to be important. “As we move into the green phase, it’s certainly an opportunity for us to open up our economy, but it also brings with it a potential risk,” County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said Wednesday afternoon during a news conference. The green phase, which most of southwestern Pennsylvania will be in as of Friday after three weeks in the yellow phase of reopening, allows restaurants to open at half capacity and also allows for the first time since March the opening of nail salons, hair salons and gyms, under Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines. Fitzgerald said it will be good for these businesses to be able to return to opening.


Federal Coronavirus Updates

  • Labor Department
    • Even as more states reopen and some businesses slowly start to rehire, 1.9 million people filed new claims for state unemployment benefits last week, the Labor Department reported today Thursday June 4. The tally continues to decline from the more than six million who submitted applications in a single week in March. Still, it underlines the persistent strain that the pandemic has had on the economy and the long climb back that lies ahead. In addition, 623,000 new claims were filed for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, the federal program intended to help freelancers, gig workers, the self-employed and others not normally eligible for state jobless benefits. For many jobless workers, stability remains a distant prospect. On Friday, the government will report the unemployment rate for May, which economists expect will have increased from 14.7 percent in April. Companies are still laying off employees, most likely moving from the restaurant workers and hotel employees who lost their jobs early in the pandemic to people in management positions, economists said.
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    • Seventy testing sites across the country had to close because of destruction from civil unrest, according to figures compiled by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The department began the Community-Based Testing Sites program in March. Most of the testing locations were chosen because they are in what public health officials call “socially vulnerable” neighborhoods. “Our urban areas are being disparately hit by the virus, and then they are getting disparately hit by the violence,” said Michael R. Caputo, HHS’s assistant secretary for public affairs. “And the result is a community that is truly in need for testing capacity losing that capacity.” HHS officials place the damage to testing sites — all private stores participating in the government program — in a more healing context. “Testing capacity is a necessary component to the recovery of the nation,” Caputo said. Deputy Surgeon General Erica G. Schwartz, in charge of a Community-Based Testing Site task force, added, “I think even one being closed” is a problem.


National Coronavirus Updates

  • According to CNN, as of 12:00pm on Thursday, June 4, 2020, there are 107,281 coronavirus-related deaths and 1,856,118 total positive cases in the United States.