Daily Update: April 4, 2020 3 PM


  • 10,017 confirmed cases, 60,013 tested negative, 136 deaths

Cases by county in the 10-county region per Pennsylvania Department of Health
* case count last updated at 12:00 p.m. on 4/4/2020

Cases Deaths
Allegheny: 552 3
Armstrong: 12 0
Beaver: 69 6
Butler: 84 2
Fayette: 23 1
Greene: 12 0
Indiana: 9 0
Lawrence: 22 2
Washington: 46 0
Westmoreland: 135 0


State Update

  • There are 1,597 additional positive cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania.
  • There are a total of 10,017 cases statewide and 136 total deaths. Hospitalization rate in Pennsylvania is approximately 10%.
  • A total of 60,013 patients have tested negative in Pennsylvania.
  • Reminder: latest guidance is Pennsylvanians should wear cloth masks when they go out in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. More info below.
  • Use of Fabric or Cloth Masks: Homemade masks made out of fabric and cloth are not considered PPE. However, homemade masks can be an effective complement to handwashing, social-distancing and other mitigation measures. Homemade masks limit the spread of infectious droplets in the air by containing coughs and sneezes. When a homemade mask can’t be acquired a scarf or bandana can be utilized. By implementing community use of these homemade fabric or cloth masks, everyone will have a higher degree of protection from this virus.
  • Levine: There is no evidence the virus is slowing down.
  • Levine: Commonwealth has purchased a number of ventilators that will be delivered beginning in April and then distributed to hospitals and health systems.

Regional Update

  • Number of new COVID-19 cases in region:
  • Allegheny – 76 (see totals in infographic here)
  • Armstrong – 1
  • Beaver – 4
  • Butler – 9
  • Fayette – 3
  • Greene – 1
  • Indiana – 2
  • Lawrence – 3
  • Washington – 6
  • Westmoreland – 25

Federal/National Update

  • Given the immediate and urgent demands on the SBA Payroll Protection Program (the $349B pool), there is now increased discussion at the federal level related to necessity of recapitalizing many of the programs put into place by the CARES Act (Phase 3).
  • Cuomo: New York may be somewhere in the range of 4-7 days away from peak. Today, Gov. Cuomo signed an Executive Order allowing medical students who were slated to graduate this spring to begin practicing now.
  • Federal government will staff and equip 2,500 beds at the Javits Center for COVID-19 patients.
  • DeWine: “For days that I’m in the public, I intend to wear a mask. Not an N95 mask,” but a homemade mask. He continued, “Wearing a mask should be accepted. We won’t require them in Ohio, but I intend on wearing one and you should consider doing so….”