Daily Update: April 3, 2020 4 PM


  • 8,420 confirmed cases, 53,695 tested negative, Deaths 102

Cases by county in the 10-county region per Pennsylvania Department of Health
* case count last updated at 12:00 p.m. on 4/3/2020

Cases Deaths
Allegheny: 476 2
Armstrong: 11 0
Beaver: 65 2
Butler: 75 2
Fayette: 20 1
Greene: 11 0
Indiana: 7 0
Lawrence: 19 2
Washington: 40 0
Westmoreland: 110 0

State Updates

  • Governor Wolf and Dr. Levine both participated in today’s press conference.  Brief notes are below.  The biggest news relayed was that Governor Wolf is now asking all Pennsylvanians to wear a mask.

Dr. Levine

    • As of 12 am today, there are 1,404 new cases; 8,420 cases now statewide in 63 counties
    • 852 required hospitalized since March 6; approximately 10% of the patients
    • 241 of those hospitalized required intensive care, 147 required ventilators
    • 419 of total cases are healthcare workers
    • 12% of 695 have one case from a nursing home
    • 102 deaths are adults
    • There is now discussion in the public health community, in the state and in the country, about wearing masks.  Here are several guidelines and tips to consider:
      • First and foremost, staying home is the most effective way to protect your, your family and your community
      • If must go out, wearing a mask or bandana could be an extra layer of protection
      • There is no need to wear surgical or N95 masks; these should be for healthcare providers
      • There is a guide on how to make your own mask on the website, Health.pa.gov
      • A mask is not a pass to go to work, to socialize; it is another tool in our toolbox to provide protection
      • Your mask protects me and my mask protects you
    • There are many resources on the types of masks you can make on your own; look at the health department’s website and look on the Internet for guidance.
    • Daily reminders:  wash hands 20 seconds or use hand sanitizers; cover coughs and sneezes and don’t touch your face; clean surfaces frequently
    • Reminder crisis text line, text “PA” to 741741
    • Visit Health.pa.gov for most updated info
    • Stay calm, stay home, stay safe

Gov. Wolf

    • This week, I initiated a statewide order; now I am asking all Pennsylvanians to wear a mask.
    • I am asking to reserve the purchase of N95 and paper masks and/or to follow directions for making your own mask on the health department’s website.
    • The CDC will soon be making a statement on universal masking.  In the interim, stay at home unless you cannot; wear a cloth mask.
    • There are several holidays in the next week; I am asking religious leaders that they need to consider alternative way to conduct religious service such streaming or hosting services in a parking lot while worshippers remain in their cars.
    • Pennsylvania is a commonwealth founded on tolerance, but there is now hatred geared toward the Asian community.  I have instructed the State Police to use its enforcement against anyone who discriminates against the Asian population. If you witness any type of anti-Asian discrimination, report it.

Regional Coronavirus Update

City of Pittsburgh

  • Officials from the city held a news conference today: Mayor William Peduto, Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich, EMS Chief Ron Romano, EMS Assistant Chief Mark Pinchalk and City of Pittsburgh Medical Director Dr. Ronald Roth.  They talked about the importance of continuing to practice social distancing and discussed the city’s preparedness during the coronavirus outbreak.

National Coronavirus Update

Democratic National Convention

  • In light of the unprecedented health crisis facing our country, the 2020 Democratic National Convention will now be held the week of August 17 in Milwaukee.  Wisconsin has never hosted a political party’s national convention.