STATE: Pennsylvania COVID-19 Statistics
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 4/28/20

Total Cases1 Negative Tests Deaths
43,264 165,824 1,716

Total case counts include confirmed and probable cases.


STATE: Cases by Age Range to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health

Data updated as of 12:00pm on 4/28/20

Age Range Cases
0-4 <1%
5-12 <1%
13-18 1%
19-24 6%
25-49 38%
50-64 27%
65+ 26%


STATE: Hospitalization Rates by Age Range to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health

Data updated as of 12:00pm on 4/28/20

Age Range Cases
0-29 2%
30-49 5%
50-64 10%
65-79 20%
80+ 20%


REGIONAL: COVID-19 cases by county to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 4/28/20

County Positive Cases Negative Tests Deaths New cases since 4/27 New deaths since 4/27
10-County Region 2,569 29,235 189 +27 +22
Allegheny 1,235 15,004 87 +11 +8
Armstrong 50 624 2 +3
Beaver 388 1,905 59 +1 +13
Butler 174 2,066 6 +4
Fayette 79 1,682 4
Greene 26 395 0 +1
Indiana 62 613 4 -1
Lawrence 63 681 5
Washington 109 1,985 2 +2
Westmoreland 383 4,280 20 +6 1



State Coronavirus Updates

  • Wolf Administration Expands Food Recovery Infrastructure Grants to Help the Charitable Food System: The Wolf Administration is making immediate changes to the Food Recovery Infrastructure Grant Program to help ensure food banks are adequately supplied to meet the needs of Pennsylvania residents. Read more: https://dingo.telicon.com/PA/library/2020/2020042877.HTM.
  • Secretary of Health Dr. Levine
    • As of 12 am today Tuesday, April 28, there are 1,214 new positive cases; 43,264 positive cases now statewide in all 67 counties.
    • 2,519 are healthcare workers tested positive and are in 452 nursing homes and/or long-term living facilities.
    • 2,777 have been hospitalized; 611 of those hospitalized require the use of a ventilator or breathing machine.
    • As of 12 pm today Tuesday, April 28, 47% hospital beds, 40% ICU beds and 70% ventilators are still available
    • 1,716 deaths are adults who tested positive.


Regional Coronavirus Updates

  • Washington County
    • STAY Safe, STAY Productive and STAY Active. That’s now the mantra coming from the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, which announced its new media campaign today to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among residents and businesses. “We wanted to create a message that encourages our county residents and businesses to continue ‘staying the course’ of social distancing, health and safety,” Jeff Kotula, president of the chamber, said in a press release. Kotula said that the county has experienced a relatively low amount of COVID-19 cases because of the efforts that residents and businesses have taken to follow the guidelines from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. This effort, however, must continue to be reiterated and followed, for the time being, Kotula said.


Federal Coronavirus Updates

  • Federal Reserve
    • A Federal Reserve program expected to begin within weeks will provide hundreds of billions in emergency aid to large American corporations without requiring them to save jobs or limit payments to executives and shareholders. Under the program, the central bank will buy up to $500 billion in bonds issued by large companies. The companies will use the influx of cash as a financial lifeline but are required to pay it back with interest. Unlike other portions of the relief for American businesses, however, this aid will be exempt from rules passed by Congress requiring recipients to limit dividends, executive compensation and stock buybacks and does not direct the companies to maintain certain employment levels. Critics say the program could allow large companies that take the federal help to reward shareholders and executives without saving any jobs. The program was set up jointly by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department.


National Coronavirus Updates

Governors across the country forged ahead Monday April 27 with plans to reopen their economies, even as the nation hit a grim milestone of 50,000 deaths from the coronavirus and public health experts warned against lifting stay-at-home orders too quickly. Numerous states, including some of the largest, began the process of lifting shelter orders in what could be a pivotal stage in the U.S. response to the pandemic. The moves came as President Trump promised to help the states ramp up testing and called on them to consider reconvening schools before the end of the academic year rather than waiting until the fall, as many districts have decided or are expected to do.