STATE: Pennsylvania COVID-19 Statistics per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 4/23/20

Total Cases1 Negative Tests Deaths2
37,053 142,601 1,394


1 Total case counts include confirmed and probable cases.
2 Number of deaths was revised by the Pennsylvania Department of Health



STATE: Cases by Age Range to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health

Data updated as of 12:00pm on 4/23/20

Age Range Cases
0-4 <1%
5-12 <1%
13-18 1%
19-24 6%
25-49 39%
50-64 28%
65+ 25%



STATE: Hospitalization Rates by Age Range to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health

Data updated as of 12:00pm on 4/23/20

Age Range Cases
0-29 2%
30-49 5%
50-64 10%
65-79 20%
80+ 21%



REGIONAL: COVID-19 cases by county to Date
per Pennsylvania Department of Health
Data updated as of 12:00pm on 4/23/20

County Positive Cases Negative Tests Deaths * New cases
since 4/22
10-County Region 2,290 25,217 154 +83
Allegheny 1,149 12,625 69 +61
Armstrong 43 552 2 +4
Beaver 319 1,667 46 +2
Butler 164 1,944 6
Fayette 71 1,475 3 +1
Greene 25 358 0
Indiana 59 488 4 +3
Lawrence 61 585 5
Washington 92 1,722 2 +5
Westmoreland 307 3,801 17 +7


* Number of deaths was revised by the Pennsylvania Department of Health



State Coronavirus Updates


Regional Coronavirus Updates

  • County Death Total Revisions
    • Allegheny County’s death toll dropped after its health department said it “identified a number of duplicates.” The removal of the duplicates means there are five less deaths than Wednesday, and the count has been adjusted to 69 total deaths (as opposed to the 74 reported on Wednesday). Statewide, the number of deaths was adjusted to 1,394 confirmed fatalities, more than 200 less than Wednesday’s 1,622.
  • Allegheny County Health Department
    • The Allegheny County Health Department says the county meets Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s coronavirus case threshold to reopen, but added that more testing is needed.  A statement from the health department also said that the estimate of confirmed and probable cases does not address surrounding counties considered to be in the region that the state will be considering.
    • Allegheny County’s case rate has been falling since early April to the point where there’s no longer an immediate worry of a surge in COVID-19 patients overwhelming the region’s hospital systems. Wolf’s plan to move from stay-home orders and business closures (red) to a loosened-but-not-fully state where businesses and offices can reopen with strict physical distancing and masks (yellow) depends on one key metric: That a county, or a region, has less than 50 cases per 100,000 population over a 14-day period. The Allegheny County Health Department said in a statement overnight the county’s 396 positive cases between April 2 and April 15 would be under the qualification residents based on Allegheny County’s 1.25 million population.
  • Allegheny County
    • Allegheny County officials said Wednesday afternoon of April 22 there have been discussions with the state about further relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions in the region, but warned that physical distancing and masks will still be required to keep the novel coronavirus in check. Fitzgerald said that he saw a loosening of restrictions not on all businesses, but instead offices and manufacturing facilities where he said “you don’t have a problem with physical distancing, creating office operations where you are able to keep a limited number of folks in an office facility.” He suggested that companies might be asked to staff in shifts, either by hours or by days of the week. But, he cautioned, large crowds and any time there are a lot of people coming together would still be restricted.
  • Peters Township
    • Peters Township is the latest community in the area to declare a disaster emergency as a result as the COVID-19 pandemic. Council unanimously approved the declaration of a disaster emergency for Peters at its April 13 meeting, which was held in council chambers with council members and administrators practicing social distancing.
  • Murrysville
    • Murrysville officials are hoping that reducing planning commission meetings from two to one per month will make it easier for the commission to achieve a consistent quorum to conduct business. The seven-member commission was only able to hold one monthly meeting during at least six months of 2019, according to the municipality’s posted planning agendas. Council this week briefly discussed reducing the number of commissioners from seven to five, and potentially adding alternates.


Federal Coronavirus Updates

  • White House
    • President Donald Trump signed an executive order that temporarily suspends the issuance of new green cards.  The order applies to those seeking permanent residence in the United States and will last for 60 days, at which point it will be reevaluated and potentially extended.   It applies to foreign nationals seeking a green card who are outside the United States at the time of the order, excluding from the suspension those who are in the country seeking to change their immigration status.  The order also doesn’t apply to spouses and minor children of US citizens; health care professionals; any member of the US Armed Forces and their spouses and children; and anyone entering for law enforcement or national security reasons.  It also doesn’t apply to investor visas and special immigrant visas for Iraqi and Afghan nationals who’ve worked for the US government.
  • U.S. House of Representatives
    • The House is expected to vote on a new coronavirus relief package today Thursday April 23 that was approved by the Senate yesterday.  The total price tag of the bill is approximately $484 billion, which includes an additional $310 billion in funding for the Paycheck Protection Program to spend an additional $310 billion.
    • The House plans to vote on Thursday April 23 to set up a new committee that will have broad oversight and investigative authority to probe the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic and how money is being spent.
  • U.S. Department of Labor
    • The U.S. Department of Labor reported that Americans filed 4.4 million jobless claims last week, pushing the five-week total of coronavirus-driven job losses to more than 26 million.


National Coronavirus Updates

  • According to CNN, as of 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 23, 2020, there are 46,859 coronavirus-related deaths and 843,981 total positive cases in the United States.