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What We Heard

Initial Findings from the 10-County Community Crowdsourcing Initiative

We asked 800+ organizations across all 10 counties: What changes to transportation would make the biggest difference to the populations or clients you serve?

“Imagine Transportation” Community Crowdsourcing: What We’ve Heard

  • Responses focused on 17 priorities to address, grouped by 4 similar themes
  • 6 priorities emerged with the broadest support as the most important reasons to invest and improve our system
  • 3 out of the 4 major Themes shared nearly equal support overall as important areas to address
  • Additional public transit was the most frequently suggested way to improve our current system by respondents in every county

What Does This Mean?

You told us we that there are many good reasons for working together to improve and invest our regional transportation system!! In addition to these problems, you gave many suggestions for the types of projects or changes that would help solve these problems. Now the RTA is sorting through those responses as well as looking at what other regions and experts have done to identify opportunities for new investment that will address these problems of regional connectivity and mobility.

Did We Hear Your Voice?

Didn’t get around to submitting your input the first time around? No worries! You can still tell us your top two transportation improvement priorities that would make the most impact for the community your organization serves.

If you have questions on how to fill it out, click here for help.

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